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S2R Performance Leggings

S2R Performance Leggings

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Eco-friendly Material Composition:

  • Sustainable Blend: Experience unparalleled comfort with a blend of 90% recycled polyester and 10% Elastane. Lightweight at 8 oz., these leggings offer the perfect balance between stretchability and durability.
  • Eco-Conscious Crafting: Proudly manufactured using verified recycled polyester yarns, these leggings are a testament to TriDri's commitment to the environment.
  • GRS Certified: Adhering to the highest standards, our leggings are Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified, ensuring they are authentically produced using recycled materials.

Features that Stand Out:

  • Superior Fit: The elasticated waistband ensures a snug fit, adapting to your unique shape and providing ultimate comfort throughout your activities.
  • Optimal Length: The three-quarter length design is perfect for various workouts and seasons, offering flexibility and style in one package.
  • Functional Pockets: Side pockets not only enhance the design but also provide convenience, allowing you to keep small essentials close at hand.
  • Soft-Stretch Comfort: The leggings' soft-stretch fabric ensures they move as you move, providing optimal flexibility during workouts, yoga sessions, or casual days out.

Why Choose TriDri's Three-Quarter Performance Leggings?:

Elevate your fitness wardrobe with the TriDri Three-Quarter Performance Leggings. Not only are they crafted to perfection ensuring longevity and comfort, but they also echo a strong commitment to sustainability. Perfect for both intense workouts and leisurely walks, these leggings are a versatile addition to your collection. The side pockets add functionality, while the soft-stretch fabric ensures you stay comfortable, no matter the activity. Make a style statement while being eco-conscious; choose TriDri, where innovation meets responsibility.

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