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S2R Golf Men's Duncan Short

S2R Golf Men's Duncan Short

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Crafted for the discerning golfer and style aficionado, the Men's Sully Short by Swannies Golf offers an unparalleled blend of form and function. It’s not just about playing the part, but looking the part—on the green and beyond.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Fabric Blend: Made from a premium fabric combination, these shorts ensure breathability, durability, and a soft touch against the skin, keeping you comfortable swing after swing.

  2. Golf-Focused Design: With a fit tailored for the golf stance and movement, these shorts ensure no hindrance, allowing for a full range of motion for that perfect shot.

  3. Adjustable Waistband: A flexible waistband, supplemented with a modern clasp, guarantees a snug and custom fit, adapting to every unique silhouette.

  4. Smart Pocket Placement: Multiple pockets, including a rear pocket and strategically positioned side pockets, offer convenient storage for golf tees, scorecards, and other essentials without adding bulk.

  5. Stylish Aesthetic: The sleek design, accentuated by subtle embroidery and branding, brings a touch of sophistication to the golf course, making you stand out for all the right reasons.

  6. Color Retention Technology: Infused with color retention tech, these shorts resist fading, ensuring they maintain their vibrancy and look as fresh on the 18th hole as they did on the 1st.

  7. Choice of Classic Shades: Whether you prefer timeless neutrals or vibrant hues, the Sully Short range has something to complement every golfer's style.

Styling Tips:
While they shine on the golf course, their refined design means they're equally at home at the 19th hole. Pair with a collared polo for a classic golf look, or with a casual tee and loafers for a relaxed post-game drink.

Swannies Golf Men's Sully Short is more than just golf attire—it's a statement, a commitment to excellence both in play and in presentation. For those who believe that golf isn’t just a game but a lifestyle, the Sully Short promises to be an indispensable companion, both on and off the green. Tee off in style with Swannies!

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